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Let's be up front - COVID-19 has fucked up your income.
I get it.
That's what every part of Athletes On Stage training is build-your-own and pick-your-price.
All of our prices are listed on a sliding scale, with a minimum you cannot go below and a full price. Pay what you are able between those numbers.

You can spend as little as $15/week for a personalized training plan with one private session a week, up to $135/week for three private sessions with me, additional programming to complete on our own, and daily nutritional guidance, or anywhere in between.
All prices listed are WEEKLY.

Still too much?
I believe so fiercely in the power of strength training for movement artists that I hold a weekly virtual group strength and conditioning class, Saturdays 10am ET and Mondays at 8pm ET. Come as you are, pay what you can - no minimums. Sign up here to get notified of those.

NOTE: Group classes will resume on February 1st, 2021.


$45 suggested

$15 minimum

We'll start with a 60-minute virtual call to go over your background, goals, and what kind of time and equipment you have available to you. 

From there, you'll do one 45-minute session a week live with me (virtual, outdoors, or in a private residence - up to you!) and complete 2-4 additional workouts on your own - all individually programmed, with feedback available after each one.

I'll be available via text and email with a maximum 12-hour turnaround time for questions.

Private Sessions

+$30 suggested

+$10 minimum

Want more than one live session a week?

Pay for as many additional, 45-minute live private sessions as you'd like, for a minimum $10 or a suggested $20 per session (above and beyond the one included in 'base.')


No matter how many live sessions you book, you'll still receive the goods for 3-5 total workouts each week (depending on your schedule!), with access to me via text and email for feedback and questions.

Nutritional Coaching

+ $30 suggested

+ $10 minimum

Not sure how to eat for your goals?


Unclear how much protein you need, what good pre- and post-workout meals look like, or just lost when it comes to cooking vegetables you actually want to eat?


Nutritional coaching is NOT a meal plan - it is individualized education and suggestions on how to meet your athletic goals, recipes, and real-time feedback on difficult meal choices you face throughout the week. 


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Ready to take the leap?

All of our options begin with a 60-minute consultation - reach out to us here to schedule yours!

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